Who we are

Accura-Tech was formed to meet the outsourcing needs of global organisations. We provide the most highly advanced, cost effective solutions for computing, accounting and data management needs.

Quality Control: We provide CMM Level 4-5-6 and ISO9000 on all projects to meet international standards.

Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with offices in the United Kingdom, we are able to provide high quality reliable services to meet clients’ outsourcing needs. Our expertise has been built up over a number of years in IT and software development.

We pride ourselves in supporting our clients, giving them the confidence to meet their immediate and long term objectives.

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Our Vision

Accura-Tech’s vision is rooted in our history and our multicultural backgrounds. We recognize the reality of the world today and the continuing challenges we face. Our Corporate Vision is founded on five key principles.

These statements together form a shared ambition for all our employees and a worldwide commitment to live in a world that works for everyone.

  • Value will be our competitive advantage:
    In a competitive world we expect our clients to demand the best.

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  • Change is our Opportunity to move ahead:
    Without change there is no progress.

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  • Innovation is our challenge in everything we do:
    We will only deliver to our customers the best and innovate in everything we do.

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  • Waste we do not tolerate:
    If we cannot do it we will tell you.

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  • Our Standards:
    We measure ourselves against world-class standards.

We are a business with family and spiritual traditions in which people are valued as individuals. Together we recognize that in a fast changing world the only guarantee to success is to offer innovation and value.

Executive Profiles

  • Harsha thumbnailHarsha SamarawickramaChief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Harsha Samarawickrama

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) harsha

    Harsha is the overseer of all Accura-Tech’s business and technological operations. Having over 20 years of IT industry experience, he has created a successful international business with multicultural partners. He possesses extensive know-how in total infrastructure management (TIM) and had worked with clients in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

    Harsha withstood the global meltdown due to his in-depth adaptability and understanding of the technology market by adopting and mashing together what is already out there rather than creating from scratch. He harnessed his offshore teams in Sri Lanka and India to successfully manage application development and deliver to Clients in the West.

    Harsha resides in the UK and has worked for several prestigious IT organisations such as the London Computer Centre, UK (LCC) where he was known for developing a product titled “Non Stop Server”, which targets business continuity (BC), disaster recovery (DR) and fault tolerance. This creation was reviewed by PC Pro UK and awarded five stars.

    His wide ranging portfolio coupled with his strong domain knowledge has enabled him to form alliances with Alaso UK, Netscalibur UK, Bull Evidian France, SunGuard USA, Computer Associates USA, Sunbelt Software USA and was quintessential in the testing of the BrightStore High Availability beta software developed by Computer Associates until its release.

    Harsha was involved in facilitating the IT Infrastructure for the British Cross Rail, Thames Water, and National Health Service UK. In Sri Lanka, Harsha developed offshore business process outsourcing units for several organisations and is known to adopt quality and attention to detail as a religion. He is keen on forming global business relations with various international businesses.

  • Warwick thumbnailWarwick WynschenkDirector of International Sales
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    Warwick Wynschenk

    Director of International Sales warwick

    After business school Warwick embarked on an entrepreneurial career, which spans over 25 years. This has brought him into contact with many aspects of the business community around the world.

    He is a strategic thinker and excellent people motivator. He enjoys working with scientists and academic thinkers facilitating them in commercialising their ideas. He is strong at spotting good commercial opportunities and turning them into money-making ventures.

    He is technology aware and in the year 2000 PricewaterhouseCoopers sponsored one of his companies, which he seed funded. He innovated the strategic thinking behind thin client and alternative broadband technologies for this project.

    Warwick is a co-investor with his partners in Accura-Tech. Warwick lives between London, England and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

    He continues to attract international clients who identify with the company ethos.

  • Peter thumbnailLord Peter JansenVice President of Strategy & Business Development for Europe

    Lord Peter Jansen

    Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for Europe peter
    Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for Europe
    • English – Native
    • Spanish – Native
    • French – Learning (beginner)
    • Dutch – Learning (beginner)
    Work Experience
    • Quasar Advanced Financial Consulting
    • Dates: August 1998 to November 2000
    • Position: M&A Deputy Director
    • M&A Research and Analysis
      - In charge of researching possible mergers and/or acquisitions and/or buyers for our clients in Latin America and the USA
    • Business Development
      - Actively sought out opportunities to increase our client base by attending networking events, organising seminars, giving speeches and networking within the specific industries of interest including Rail, Biotechnology, Nano Technology, IT, Finance and Environmental Systems.
    • Negotiation
      - As a Behavioural Profiling & Deceit detection expert, a Master NLP Practitioner and negotiator, I was put in front of our clients and government authorities to negotiate rates, conditions (commercial not legal), compensation events (within contracts) and participation as well as funding (government and private) and buy outs.
    • Finished my Postgraduate degree as a Stock Market Analyst whilst working for Quasar.
    • Formed lasting relationships with clients and government authorities in the USA and Mexico.
    • Actively lobbied and successfully achieved changes on my company's and client's behalf at local as well as federal level.
    • Obtained an outstanding reputation with my clients and within the specific industries I was involved with.
    • Formed part of the Think Tank to privatise the Mexican National Rail system and build a new line from Acapulco to Veracruz.

    Reason for leaving: Moved to London

  • Alex Dollery thumbnailAlex
    Head of Think Tanks & Innovation Europe

    Alex Dollery

    Head of Think Tanks & Innovation Europe Alex

    Alex has been innovating and programming in web 2.0 since 2003. His career began with a fascination with web bots, personalised and semantic search engines, and intelligent directories with simple UI's.

    He later moved onto Property and Investment technology, where he used a debenture to find consumers cheap solar power products. The debenture was just a little before the modern fashion of online coupon buying.

    Shortly afterwards he moved onto innovate music and developed a system to help consumers and staff efficiently communicate inside a nightclub using mobile devices. Alex still has personal projects that focus on giving independent musicians a fair chance in the industry against mainstream music giants.

    Alex is very extensively studied in Ruby-on-Rails and Javascript, which is the main inspiration behind the innovation, finding possibilities in a programmers' world that only programmers can spot. Alex still programs multiple projects a month to keep up-to-date with the industry, some projects are launched, some not due to time restrictions.

  • Peter Tensen thumbnailPeter
    Director of Asia-Pacific Operations

    Peter Tensen

    Director of Asia-Pacific Operations Peter

    Peter has been at the forefront of software development, since his first experience working on the earliest versions of Windows for Microsoft in the late 80’s, through a career on Wall Street developing cutting edge front and back office systems, to his executive experience working for major software and telecommunications companies, to his more recent entrepreneurial forays into IT outsourcing and wholesale distribution.

    Peter spent ten years refining his craft as a consultant and project manager implementing medium to large size IT projects around multi-tiered and distributed database architectures in the US. For the past decade Peter has been based in Europe. In addition to the managerial positions he has held with Sybase and 3 Mobile, Peter has launched and developed a number of successful businesses including consulting, outsourcing, importing, software, and corporate training.

    Peter is developing new business opportunities, partnerships, and production centers in the Asia-Pacific region for Accura-Tech. He currently splits his time between Asia, Europe and the US, and speaks Mandarin Chinese, French and some Russian.

  • Rolando thumbnailRolando Leán BúStrategic Business Partner Latin America

    Rolando Leán Bú

    Strategic Business Partner Latin America Rolando

    Bilingual Honduran national with a Bachelor's Degree on Electrical Engineering. Vast knowledge and experience on the application and use of the United States National Electrical Code and US Facilities Guidelines. Oversees experience on Job Order Contracts with the United States Navy. Familiarized with Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA standards and the United States Corp of Engineers Safety Manual, EM-385-1-1. Experience developing submittals, proposals and bidding documents. Experience developing, performing and managing projects up to 5M USD budget.

    Mission oriented without compromising colleagues and personal’s safety. Experienced in designing and executing HV projects such as 11KV and above transmission lines, Installation of protections and switchgear on Power Plants and Substations within US Military Bases.

    Currently enrolled in a Masters in Business Administration program in Zaragoza, Spain.


    Tech-savvy engineer and project manager with more than 5 years experience in project management , engineering sales, and design. Globally traveled and comfortable with multicultural work environments based on international experience in over 20 countries.

    • - Spanish, native.
    • - English, fluent.
    • - French, working knowledge
    • Senior Electrical Engineer, Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE);
      Djibouti, Djibouti — 2011-2013

      Assisted on the management and development of electromechanical projects for the company. Contributed in the development of competitive proposals for the company to bid on, such as: Projects to build transmission and distribution lines, HV Substations, Buildings. Identified business opportunities for corporate development. Developed current company’s website and email system.
    • Inside Sales Engineer, American Energy Products LLC (AEP);
      Centroamérica y El Caribe — 2010-2011

      Managed the Latin American Sales opportunities for AEP, serving as link between final costumers and Manufacturers (China, Australia, Italy, India and USA). Technical support for Transmission and Distribution projects is provided to our clients, which also enabled us to offer feedback of our customers’ needs to the manufacturers. Marketed the different product-lines that AEP represented in Latin America. Designed and implemented training initiatives to enhance customer user experiences with AEP products.Prepare bidding documents to potential customers in the Central American region. Assessed clients in design for the application of our equipment in their projects. Successfully managed and closed more than 25 projects.
    • Electrical Projects General Manager Assistant, Nacional de Ingenieros
      Electromecánica S de CV; Tegucigalpa, Honduras — 2008-2010

      Assisted on the management and development of electromechanical projects for the company. Contributed in the development of competitive proposals for the company to bid on, such as: Projects to build transmission and distribution lines, HV Substations, Buildings. Identified business opportunities for corporate development. Developed current company’s website and email system.
    • Sponsorship Regional Team Leader WORLD VISION HONDURAS;
      Honduras — 2007 - 2008

      Managed and developed the sponsorship WVH processes by successfully leading a team of 25 Field Sponsorship Facilitators and 3 Sponsorship Data Analyzers.
    • Engineer Assistant, Electro mechanics HONDUTEL; Honduras (region centro-sur) — 2006-2007
      Assisted on the Installation and maintenance of the power up for the equipment at the telecommunication sites. Installation of battery banks, associated rectifiers and solar panels. Performed emergency trouble shooting for the power systems in the different telecommunications locations. Project Supervisor, SUMITEC; Tegucigalpa, Honduras — 2006

      Managed and supervised a team of 45 typesetters and a 9 quality control members. Succeeded in fully digitizing patients' information of the largest hospital facilities in Honduras.
    Education and Certificates
    • Master in Business Administration, Universidad San Jorge (España) 2014
      Final Project focused on developing a sustainable business model that will use mobile technologies and social networks to aid social issues such as security and education in Central American nations.
    • Industrial Electrical Engineer, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras 2006
      Dissertation/Thesis: Low Cost Anemometer to Measure the Feasibility of a Wind Power Project Using MATLAB Analysis. Co-Author, Karla Martinez. Published by the IEEE Central America and presented at CIMEQH and CONESCAPAN, 2011
    • CQC Construction Quality Management
    • NAVFAC Construction Course
    • OSHA 10 hour for Construction
    • EM385-1-1 40 HOUR TRAINING

    In process of acquiring a PMP certification

    Africa Internship Manager/Promoter/Adviser for Engineering Students of the National Autonomous University of Honduras. Facilitated a new international internship program to mentor electrical engineering students. Supervised 4 interns to meet the 500-hour requirement for engineering certification.

    • Team leader and team player. Excellent planning and organizational skills.
    • Used to working under pressure, with deadlines and in multicultural environments.
    • Familiarized with all MSOffice, including MSAccess, MSVisio and MSProject. Also proficient in CAD, web designing, Computer networking (LAN, WAN, W-LAN), layout programing, database development, and more. Mobile APPs development expertise (IOS and Android).
    • Analog and digital circuit design, PIC micro programming and circuit design, PLC programming for automation.

    I consider myself as a citizen of the world, extroverted, sociable, honest (as my parents raised me to be) and always willing to learn new things, recognizing that life is an endless learning voyage, and understanding that knowledge can be found in the most unexpected places. I have a passion for traveling, meeting and experimenting different cultures, aspiring to extract the best of every experience making me a responsible person with humanity and the environment. Enthusiast of sports and extreme activities such as bungee jumping, mountaineering, skydiving, shark diving, fishing, etc…

  • Lynda Thain thumbnailLynda ThainDirector of Projects and Vocational Training

    Lynda Thain

    Director of Projects and Vocational Training Lindas

    Lynda Thain is a London-bred, New York-trained, personal presentation consultant working with senior executives across a variety of sectors. She is as comfortable working with teams in an organisation as she is working on a one-to-one basis with individuals; coaching and developing them to express themselves and their organisation consciously and with impact.

    She does this through a variety of means, drawing on her knowledge of voice production, with its focus on posture and breath control, as well as her training as an image consultant.

    Lynda is a British national with more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and training. She was one of the pioneers of interactive media in the UK as part of Philips’ Interactive Media Europe (PIME), as well as the creator of bespoke training seminars and development programmes for media professionals in top-tier companies.

    After years singing chorally, Lynda trained as a soloist, studying privately with the dramatic soprano Jacqueline Straubinger-Bremar and the baritone David Crown for a period of more than 12 years.

    In that time she learnt a great deal about voice production and many other aspects of solo performance. Her artistic ability and eye for colour was enhanced by the training she received in New York as an image consultant, enabling her to transfer to others what she had been applying to herself for years.

    Lynda still performs regularly in concerts in the UK, and from time to time in Greece where she lived for three years. She speaks Greek and French, as well as basic Spanish and German. However, she is happy to sing in any of those languages as well as Italian. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Manufacture and is a former committee member for the south east region of the UK. She has been a member of the Musicians’ Union for more than ten years.


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