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We generate traffic through characters ...

  • We create characters
  • We get them into games, animation and viral-marketing applications
  • We get them noticed
  • We get them to generate traffic
  • We exploit them

Here’s a not so well kept secret about cartoon characters: like humans they too can become celebrities and like their human counterparts they can potentially earn millions but, unlike human celebrities, they are OK for you to benefit from all the attention.

Did you know that royalties from licensing in the United States alone, in 2008, was

$5.7 billion

and character IPs made up 46% of the overall licensing figures

What this tells us is that characters work. They work to attract attention and to convert that attention to revenue.

Want to be a part of this? Hey! It’s simple!

  • Create a successful character property
  • Get the character noticed
  • Monetise the character property or direct the traffic it generates to your business site
  • Make millions

Of course, if it was that simple we would have seen a lot more highly successful characters owned by Joe the Baker around. In fact, although the four the basic steps might seem simple they each present enormous challenges.

Accura-tech Robot character


It’s about character!

For an alien, robot or tin of beans to make a significant success it needs to establish a connection with the audience. It is this connection that allows it to capture attention and fulfil the purpose for which it was created, be it to entertain or to sell peanut butter to an octopus.

It requires more than a brilliant look and feel for the character. It requires the all important brilliantly unique concept into which the character can be wrapped.

Accura-tech has over 25 years experience in creating attention grabbing characters.

Accura-tech - Megaphone


It’s about megaphones!

The web has over 1,733,993,741 users. Honestly! It is absolutely amazing.

We know where many of them gather together in groups and we know how to get content in front of people within those gatherings. We even know how to make use of their social connections to spread the word.

We can help your characters jump and jive in games, cartoons, animation, books, greeting cards, advertisements, presentations, logos, mascots or wherever else they can bring joy, excitement and success.

Megaphones are about shouting it out. It’s about drawing attention. It’s about giving other people megaphones of their own to spread your message. It’s about making such a racket no one can ignore your character.

It’s about revenue!

Unless you have oodles of money, no desire to increase you wealth and too much creative energy your character has to go out there and earn its living. Yes, it’s tough out there for the little guys but don’t worry, we’ll give it a strategy document and all the support it needs.

There are four things you need to know about your character making you money:

  • It's about generating lots of traffic to your website
  • It's about the conversion of visitors to consumers
  • If it is an online business it’s about micro-payments. Lots of them
  • It’s about putting in place multiple revenue streams
  • If it is just the character then it’s about developing a licensed property

It’s about using Accura-tech's services!

Yes, you will want this whole process to put a nice big grin on your face and you want that grin of satisfaction to be locked into position for the duration of the character’s existence.

We have over twenty five years’ industry experience in understanding what is required for a character to be successful. Not only do we have the talent to create characters that look stunning but also the skill to development the equally important core creative idea behind the character, the character’s unique personality and the all important back story.

Accura-tech - Luck, hero of Tweet Defense


Take Luke here as an example. This image is just an image of yet another character. But what if I told you that Luke, trapped on an island full of brain chomping zombies, has this crazy idea that zombies can be taught to behave like normal people? He’s inventive, has too much optimism for his own good and the realisation that zombies will be zombies remains a stubbornly elusive concept to Luke. Can you imagine that? Trying to train zombies to stand in a cue at the butchers’ checkout and act civilised? I don’t think so, Luke!

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