Document Management

The Solution

Document management is a centralised solution for companies that deal with a large quantity of documents. Accura-Tech’s solution is based on the market leading XML technology, which passes XML data into print queues in order to refer pre-defined templates.

The final document is constructed from XML data and document templates. The system allows the issue of batch or online documents depending on the user’s requirements.

An archive system will be used to store every document produced by the system and will use an indexing mechanism for an accurate and efficient reference section.

The system is highly customisable; and the layouts, signatures or appearance of the documents can be modified as desired.

Solution Implementation

The nature of your business has no bearing on the solution as the Document Management System will adapt to any type of organisation. An XML data stream is required from your source system.

Note: Any printable data can be converted into an XML stream.

Note: Any printable data can be converted into an XML stream.

The Business Challenge

Documentation mismanagement results in serious confusion, time consuming sorting and loss in cost and productivity. An efficient file handling mechanism is desirable in order to deal with quick customer queries. Marketing is a key element for the success of your organisation; and as the key marketing materials i.e. covering letters, letter head document layouts and images have to be updated and modified regularly to communicate more effectively with the customers, a document management mechanism becomes a necessity.

General Business Benefits

  • Consists of user-friendly user interfaces.
  • Allows creating online documents from local printers. This feature also allows changes to the text of a document template as required.
  • Allows batch printing.
  • Consists of automatic print queue allocation if multiple printers are used.
  • The multi-functional archive system allows re-printing more easily and quicker than ever.

System Highlights

  • Provides a web interface
  • Ability to export data to Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to import data from Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to use the same forecast for different schedules
  • Ability to generate your own customised MIS reports


  • System: Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Excel
  • Database: MS SQL Server or Oracle
  • Server: Microsoft 2003 Server

Cost and Performance Benefits

  • A brand new system is not required for your demanding documentation needs.
  • The Postal Sorting Mechanism facilitates the sending of all documents to the same customer in one envelope, which saves massive amounts on postal expenses.
  • Includes a unique indexing technique that allows a search for any previous documents within seconds. This reduces a lot of call handling time if this system is used in call centers.