Converting Applications to Mobile Phones & Devices

The Solution

Accura-Tech provides wireless solutions for a variety of applications. Given below are the niche areas of our expertise:

  • Mobile enabling your business

    As is clear from the studies done by Gartner in 2005, people would be accessing information more on handheld devices than compared to conventional access on a PC. For such a scenario, if you do not have your presence in the mobile Internet market, you will be inevitably behind your competition.

    Accura-Tech helps businesses mobile-enable their core services. Services such as travel facilities, hotels and airlines are the most sought after by the people on the move with the flexibility of anytime and anywhere. Giving your customers the ability to contact you while they are on move would make it very convenient for them while at the same time it means more business for you.

  • Messaging solutions -SMS: Reach out to the world

    Communication has made the world a global village. You can reach anybody, anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home by using a phone. But this of course involves human interaction. Thus your business should be equipped with a mechanism to keep your customers informed about your new services irrespective of your customers’ location and availability.

    Accura-Tech provides you with the integration of SMS (Short Message Service) for your business. Using this service, you can send SMS messages to your customers for the promotion of new services that keep rolling out.

    The messaging solution can be implemented in three ways:

    1. By deploying the complete solution within the service provider's intranet. This is the most robust solution as it provides the best connectivity for the application with the SMSC.

    2. The same solution can be implemented over TCP/IP over X25.

    3. We can opt for Dial-up TCP/IP if a solution in which the SMSC and the application hosting services are provided by different vendors.

  • M-commerce solutions

    As we have seen with the expansion of the B2B and B2C market, a huge amount of online transactions are being conducted over the internet using secure connections. As the use of mobile devices that accesses the internet have increased, there is a massive demand to provide secure financial transactions over the internet using mobile devices. This market is still evolving and the standards are being laid out.

    Accura-Tech has taken an early initiative on this front too. We can provide m-commerce solutions with secure transaction over mobile devices by clubbing the transactional services provided by other industry majors and implementing micro payment solutions. There would be a single interface for interaction.

  • Mobile Entertainment - Games

    This is one of the fastest growing industries, attracting more and more mobile phone usage. Accura-Tech has already developed gaming software for our Japanese client and possesses the expertise to develop online games, and online lottery systems coupled with secure payment channel integration. These games can be developed as completely online and also as a J2MB based application, which runs on Java-enabled devices.

The Business Challenge

Thousands of people purchase the trendiest mobile phone and the only means of personalisation is the outer covering. Mobile phone fans constantly crave for differentiation and superior showy features.

The conversion of any client desktop software to a mobile device by streamlining it is a most sought after service. This ranges from customisation of the generic goodie features of the mobile phone to crucial medical, scientific and engineering business processes.

General Business Benefits

Service Benefits/Examples
Electrical Appliances Remote Control Control any electrical appliance remotely. Fridge, AC, computer, increase the security on a safe, etc.
Medical Applications Sensor on phone to detect body temperature. Heart attack/stroke notification, etc.
Language Translation Real-time language translation.
Banking One central point to access all the user’s accounts. Checking the credit card status from different banks through one login.
Inherent iPod Mp3s can be easily sent to other phones. Several memory chips can be bought which should be cheaper than purchasing another iPod.
Call Conferencing Multiple participants can view videos of the people involved.
Dating Service Video clips can be sent back and forth. Easily communicate with people registered on the dating service.
Composing and Cash A composer (any user) can create something original and submit it for approval to a content provider. If it is accepted, the user will be paid a royalty every time this creation is downloaded.
Link with Bloomberg Live updates allow users to register in the stock market Trigger – the user can specify whether to buy or sell certain shares if a particular value is reached, etc.
Multiplayer Gaming Games with 2 or more players. From Chess to Counter-Strike, DOTA, etc.
Advertisements Movie trailers, MP3, Music, Products
Location Identifier Shows the nearest bank, cash machine, florist, cinemas, pubs, etc. If you’re lost, it will show you how to get to where you want using a GPS map system.
Real-time Chatting Instant Messaging likes Yahoo and Google Hangouts.
Worldwide Radio Station Access Streaming from various radio station categories of choice.
Remote Desktop Administration Remotely administering your computer at home of office.
Fax-mail Capability Sending any text straight to a fax machine for easy printouts.
Instant Newspaper Having access to any desired newspaper.