Non-Stop Server - Disaster Recovery

The Solution

Based on disaster recovery, high availability and fault tolerant technology, the Non-Stop Server is a stand-alone server packaged with data replication and failover software. It works as a ‘Target server’ when connected to your existing ‘Source server’ on a 1:1 basis. Data written to the Source server will be replicated to the Target server in real-time i.e. both servers are always synchronised.

Attaching the Non-Stop Server to your existing network server eliminates downtime for all users on the network when the Source server suffers from a failure. Without manual intervention, the Non-Stop Server instantaneously takes over as the Source server and all the users connected to the network continue seamlessly.

When both servers are synchronised, the Non-Stop Server will automatically revert to the Target server and the other to the original Source server. This process is completely transparent to the network users.

Solution Implementation

All we require is your archived data. The system will be implemented in accordance to your requirements. It can generate various report types for all levels of the organisation. The system could also be extended to forecast future sales based on your company’s past data.

The Business Challenge

Current businesses face enormous risks in the form of natural disasters, terrorist acts, power failures, system malfunctions, preventive maintenance and application failures. To address this issue, we have mastered almost every fault tolerant system in the world including reliable hardware, which has helped us launch an innovative product.

General Business Benefits

  • Zero downtime in case of server failure.
  • Allows server maintenance, upgrades and testing during business hours (An unheard of proposition to any company that demands uptime during business hours).
  • Reduces the financial impact of server failure whether it may be sales, order taking, production systems or back-office systems including email and databases.
  • Disaster recovery from a natural disaster can be achieved by placing the Non-Stop Server in an alternative location.
  • Portable to Solaris, Linux and UNIX operating systems.


This technology also accommodates real-time replication, one-to-one server recovery, many-to-one server recovery, one-to-many server recovery, server consolidation and centralised backups.


Non-Stop Server was reviewed by the popular PC PRO magazine of UK (July 2003 edition) and was awarded five stars.


The Non-Stop Server solution is designed for all standard business applications including Microsoft Exchange, IIS, SQL, Oracle, Lotus Notes and File & Print on Windows 2003, Windows 2000 and NT4.