Disaster Recovery

DISASTER RECOVERY, BUSINESS CONSULTANCY AND FAULT TOLERANCE CONSULTANCY AND MANAGEMENT. Our consultants help to plan, implement and deploy disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Our experts’ offerings include:

  • Cluster solutions, installations and management (e.g. MS Cluster)
  • Real-time replication solutions, installations and management on-site and/or off-site. Our expert knowledge lies on most of the DR, BC and replication products in the world. (Legato, NSI double take, CA BHA, Veritas High Availability, Bull Evading Safe Kit, etc.)
  • Hardware communication application failover system. Our consultants help minimize the downtime of your server failure, communication failure or application failure
  • We identify and demonstrate the best BC solution in the world, and implement, install and deploy as suited to your business requirements. We offer very cost effective disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) solutions for small, medium to large organisations

Some of the methodologies are as follows Total protection for hardware communication and application/operating systems.

Risk Management

Our experts’ offerings include:

  • DR/BC and fault tolerance consultancy implementation and management
  • I-security consultancy/implementation and management. E.g. Firewalls (Checkpoint, WatchGuard SOHO, SonicWall, CISCO, etc.) and RSA security implementation)
  • Managing security MIME sweeps implementation and management
  • Web security, Web Sweeper implementation and management