E-Business Development & Digital Marketing Solutions

We are dedicated to creating a customized digital marketing strategy based on your marketing objectives in order to suit your requirement.

Our main aim is to help our clients achieve their objectives by executing the best suited strategies in order to achieve a competitive edge in their online business.

We have a range of Digital Marketing Solutions to enhance your business online.

1. Online Business Consultation

  • Analyzing the Business
    Analyzing your business and aligning your business objectives, vision and mission
  • Development of the Strategy
    Developing a sound strategy to achieve your business objectives online
  • Suggestions to drive towards achieving business objectives
    Suggestions and ongoing recommendations for your business to win within the online market
  • Executing the Strategy
    Implementation of the developed strategy to your business and measuring the performance on an ongoing basis

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a systematic process of upsetting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid results. This will highlight how search engines reward for using keywords, rich content, and optimized websites, which will assist to achieve top rankings in the search engine results.

  • Selecting the Right Keywords
  • Selecting the right set of keywords to target online by carrying out an in depth keyword research of your website, and conducting the appropriate keyword mapping to suit your website.

  • On-Site Optimization Strategy
  • From title tags, meta tags, H1 tags to ALT tags generation and optimization will be conducted to align with your business strategy

  • Off-Site Optimization Strategy
  • Content marketing, Social visibility and Directory submissions will be conducted with the intention of creating more quality back-links, and improving the online visibility of your website.

  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Google Analytics advanced implementation will be carried out for your website, and this will encompass the advanced GA, Script Implementation, Goal creations, Funnel Optimization, ecommerce module implementations, etc.

    Collection of data, analysis, and reporting on your website’s performance will help achieve the established business targets, and plan ahead with your online business.

  • Usage of Recommended Tools for Optimization
  • Popular web ranking tools, which are highly recommended by Google will be used for ongoing website optimizations, and for monitoring the performance.

  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Reports will be generated and shared with the client on a monthly basis. The reports will be incorporated with information derived from Google Analytics and Keyword Performances.

    Furthermore, competitor back-links checks, website audits, new implementations, and changes to the keyword strategy will be performed depending on the functional requirement.

3. Pay-Per Click Marketing (PPC)

This refers to the Cost Per Click (CPC), which allows you to bid for selected keywords. This can be also used to promote banner ads in placements in the Google display network. PPC campaigns can provide immediate results in achieving your online marketing objectives. This will help promote your website online using geo-targeting, and improve the brand awareness via display mediums.

  • Formulation of an effective strategy to address the business need
  • A result oriented strategy will be formulated with an in-depth analysis of the respective website, and the requirements on achieving the business objectives.

  • Implementation of a detailed campaign structure
  • A well planned campaign structure will be formulated in addressing all the required business needs with effective adtext, and eye catching banners with cost effective settings.

  • Geo Targeting Strategy
  • Analyzing the trends in business, and targeting specific geo markets/regions with a well prepared geo targeting strategy will help accomplish the business requirements in an effective manner.

  • Conducting campaigns in multiple channels and across different mediums
  • Conducting campaigns across different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and also covering all mediums such as Search, Display, Remarketing (RLSA), etc.

  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Reporting on a weekly basis, and monitoring the daily cost to achieve a reasonable ROAS for the week. Also, monthly performance reports will be shared with the client indicating the performance of the geo markets, keyword performance, and channel wise performance, etc.

4. Social Media Marketing (SMO)

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic through social media sites in order to promote a product or service online. Due to the rapid increase of the usage of social media in today’s world, we are committed to selecting social media platforms based on reach, functionality, and popularity

  • Conducting an Overall Audit
  • Conducting an overall audit for your website, and for the associated social media platforms in order to proceed with an effective SMO Strategy to win your online business

  • Analyzing the Business Objectives
  • Identification of your target audience from the campaigns and segments revolving around social media in order to drive towards achieving the established objectives.

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Developing a social media strategy in order to address all the requirements of your business including ongoing monitoring techniques. This includes an informative posting plan for the client, where the postings are made on a daily basis.

  • Advertising on Social Media Platforms
  • Advertising will be conducted as per the requirement of the business. It can be a highly awareness driven campaign to reach a broader audience in order to promote your brand or a revenue/conversion driven campaign to drive inquiries/bookings, and revenue.

    We guarantee on achieving your business objectives within a certain period of time, and conduct quarterly performance reviews to formulate your strategy in order to meet your requirements.

    We will strive to continually check on the Google Algorithm changes and updates, and implement new technologies towards developing and enhancing your business online in order to achieve a competitive edge.

    Get in touch with us, as we would like to assist and ensure that you achieve your online marketing goals.