Software Protection

The software dongle commonly accounts for a small proportion of the overall cost of releasing software while the special role the dongle plays enables it to be an indispensable part for software. To some extent, a dongle can even be taken as a carrier of software’s value. As a result, indicators of a sort of dongle such as security strength, cost-effectiveness, stability and memory compatibility will cast great influence on software’s value and image in the market.

Necessity though software developers feel of a dongle, you may have little knowledge in selecting appropriate software dongle products. On the other hand, there are recently no fair judgments from authority because encryption technology is openly and freely communicated between dongle manufacturers and software developers. Due to lack of technology grasp and practical experience, software developers might be misled by superficies like beautiful package and so-called new concept, which leads to wrong choice of dongle to push company at risk of great cost.

Elite EL

With quality of meeting demands of high security and stability, Elite EL is an ideal choice for software developers who can assume the dongle cost to a certain extent. It is a fantastic dongle product for software protection within test of time, which resists crazy decryption from crackers. Worldwide initially developing Smart Card as core technique, Elite EL has been published more than 5 million suits across the whole world, ranking the top among software dongles of smart card.

Elite SL

Elite SL, a typical licensing management dongle by using smart card technology, acts greatly in performance for software which demands license control and affordable prices. Elite SL solution is wise option for business management, construction and education software.


Clave 2 is a low-cost software dongle built with the feature of rapid development. Software needs to be adaptable for tightening budget and massive releasing quantity. Clave2 is absolutely an ideal option to fulfill.


CrypKey developed the original software-based copy protection and licensing system featuring easy licensing, dynamic encryption and enhanced anti-hacking capabilities.