Our Solutions

Accura-Tech has produced an array of original technologies that can be offered if required or requested by a client. These exceptional technologies have not still been made commonplace in the market but are comparable and more often than not superior to the present popular technologies.

Remote Office

As general living costs such as transportation, office space rent, business tax, and national insurance have been on the rise, the act of hiring highly skilled individuals for specialized services has become extremely challenging when developing and expanding a business (SME) in UK, Europe or USA.

Internet Games

There are millions of people who search for entertainment online and end up wasting enormous amounts of their time playing games. That's a good thing because you want them to play your games and then visit your site. You want them to have so much fun they cannot help but tell their friends about it so they too visit your site.

Character Generator

Here‘s a not so well kept secret about cartoon characters: like humans they too can become celebrities and like their human counterparts they can potentially earn millions but, unlike human celebrities, they are OK for you to benefit from all the attention.

GPS tracking

Accura-tech is proudly partnered with number of companies which offer GPS tracking in order to facilitate hardware, technology know-how and integration of technologies. Its own expert development team is engaged with its partners on customizing applications using state-of-the-art technologies to meet customer needs.

Software Protection

The software dongle commonly accounts for a small proportion of the overall cost of releasing software while the special role the dongle plays enables it to be an indispensable part for software. To some extent, a dongle can even be taken as a carrier of software‘s value.