Video Streaming

1) Accura-Tech & Tenasta Video Streaming

Accura-Tech & Tenasta Jointly have developed a high compression live video streaming technology that provides high quality live video over narrow, mobile and broader bandwidth connections.

Streaming Video

Limitations of speed paused by Dial-up connections is the cause of origination to Streaming Video. Before cable or broadband access, web lovers had to download bulk videos for entertainment. They had to experience endless dropouts and slowness in connection. Hence it took ages to download. So the technical bods created a technology called "streaming." A single click or visit to a URL will start the streaming process by transferring part of the video over. While you are watching this first part, the server will continue to send over the rest of the video file in the "background" - so you don't have to wait until the end of file transfer before starting to watch. Using the emerging technology Accura-tech and Tenasta gave birth to three products descending from a media family named "Splash".

  • Splash Talk
  • Assume that you are a software company in UK who has successfully completed a project. Imagine that your client is in US and prefers the system to be alive today. The client has arranged a launch where you are unable to attend. However during the launch, you start a live conference with the client to describe the project while all the advertisers are eagerly looking at your LIVE PRESENTATION!!! Accura-Tech has created the innovation to conference simply through a web site.

  • Splash Video
  • The second product that Accura developed is called Splash Video which serves two major purposes. Being a single host, you can broadcast a live video for a number of users. Splash video gives a live broadcast as good as watching Television or listening to radio in our own living room.

  • Splash Mail
  • Attachments on mails do create number of problems in sending emails. Sometimes mails go into the spam box of the recipient or get bounced back to your inbox. Imagine that your baby has just started speaking few words and you want to show it to your parents living far away. It’s just easy as ABC! Enable Splash mail on your computer, have a video recorded and press Send! Your parents can play the video within the mail itself. No downloads, No space consuming, No spams, No returns!!!

Target Market:

We can provide SplashMail, SplashTalk and SplashStream on an ASP basis into any company's web site and we can insert it in a one-click, one-step operation. The stand-alone nature of our web-based, white-label applications allow us to adopt a revenue-share business model that does not require any up-front payment or license fee and web site operators are not faced with any development or integration costs.